Beef Jerky - Honey Teriyaki - 6 oz.

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Premium Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky

A sweet and savory game-changer!

HONEY TERIYAKI: Our Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky combines the natural sweetness of honey and the savory juices of teriyaki beef to make a mouthwatering snack—easily enjoyed anytime!

Contains a box of 4 - 1.5 oz. pieces of jerky.

Premium Honey Teriyaki Beef Jerky

ALL HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Unlike other jerky products, we don’t add any unnatural preservatives to our healthy snacks! We keep our products fresh and long lasting with honey, celery powder, and vacuum-sealed packaging. Our premium chunks of lean, hormone-free US beef is finely prepared in-house with all natural ingredients to ensure the best possible quality and taste. We prepare our jerky through a slow and careful cooking process using an open flame grill. Our signature glaze brings out the beef’s natural flavors. Try it today!

Contrary to other jerky products, we do not add nitrites or nitrates and use all natural celery powder to preserve our jerky.

LOW FAT CONTENT: Our premium jerky boasts amazing flavors without the high fat content often found in typical jerky products!

Quality Without Compromise

Beginning with high quality, never-frozen, premium USA beef, Golden Nest® uses only the most superior ingredients to create our delicious jerky. We chop and ground our meat in-house and carefully monitor our unique cooking process to assure each piece of jerky is as delicious and excellent as the last. We then vacuum pack each piece to guarantee off-the-grill freshness the moment it arrives in your hands. Our jerky is 100% gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients and no MSG.

We are the first in the business to grill our jerky over an open flame to achieve that unmistakable flavor of freshly charred meat. We tenderly glaze our jerky to seal in the meat’s natural juices and maintain that perfect flavor, resulting in a tasty snack any time you choose to enjoy it.

Our jerky is undeniably delicious, but did you know it’s actually healthy, too? Low in fat and carbohydrates while containing 14 grams of protein, our jerky is in an entire class of its own. We use honey to sweeten our jerky. No nitrates are used to preserve our products, instead, we use natural celery powder and our cutting-edge vacuum packing technology to individually wrap each piece of jerky for maximum shelf life and freshness.

What you get is the product of unyielding commitment to quality, satisfaction, and excellence. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ming So
Authentic Asian Taste Jerky

Love the Beef Jerky with truly authentic Asian Taste!!
Try it. It tastes much better than American style!

Ian Wong


Not bad

I like the taste.


I like the pork jerky more, since this one is a little more stiff compared to the pork

I like this!

I love this and this is not too sweet!